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Our Principles Of Care

  • We are committed to ensuring our team of careers are fully trained to ensure the continuity and delivery of second to none care.
  • We are committed to ensuring each person is responded to as an individual in their own right and not as a group and that his/her own unique personality, strengths, needs and perspectives are top priority.
  • We ensure that each individual’s rights are respected and not infringed and that our service users utilise their rights fully.
  • We ensure that service user’s choices are respected at all times and that they are given encouragement and support with their choices.
  • We ensure that services users privacy and dignity is respected at all times and that everyone is treated in a manner which safeguard privacy and dignity and which does not cause or have the potential to cause embarrassment, humiliation or cause personal/emotional discomfort.
  • We ensure that our service users are given access to sufficient and correct information to support them making choices.
  • We ensure that service users continue to maintain their independence, empowering them as individuals to be involved in the day to day activity within the home. Encouraging service users to learn new skills to increase independence, to only assist with the things the individuals find difficult to lesson the likelihood of an individual becoming unnecessarily dependant.
  • We ensure that consideration is shown to all individuals and to demonstrate through actions and attitudes that people are worthy of respect. That opinions, values and achievements are valued.
  • We ensure that the primary care values are met at all times: privacy, dignity, individuality, independence, confidentiality, right, empowerment, choice and fulfilment of client group.



I have lived here since 1993, you have your up's and downs wherever you live, but here it all comes out good in the end. Staff are exceptional, they care well for me and I care for them. I treat them all at Christmas to a glass or two of wine, I think the world of them. We are all treated fairly, nothing is too much trouble, I can go out when I want to - up town on my scooter. If I want a chinese or fish and chips takeway, I can have one anytime I want. Mr B Rowbottom.

Staff are angels, I will not leave. I think the world of everyone here. I did not have it good when I lost my daughter but the best thing I did was to move in here. The social worker said it would be best if I went home after a short stay, but I knew this was the place for me, good food, safety and everything, I am so happy living here. Mrs M Riley

It's good living here, the staff are ok, I go out when I want with my daughter and I go on trips and for meals out. The food here is good, I get bacon and eggs every morning and there is a good choice of menu through the day. I can smoke in the smokers lounge or in the garden. Mr J Blackburn

It's very good living here, all way around, they cover everything. I have lived here for 5 years and I get everything I want. The staff have helped me rebuild my relationship with my son, who has now started to visit me. I would recommend Trees Care Home to anyone, we are one big happy family. Mrs M Bramley

I haver lived here for 4 years, they all spoil me. The home and staff is very freindly and we are one big happy family. We go out on trips, we go into the garden a lot in th summer, we knit, play games and have quiet time too and support when we need it. the care is out of this world, the Queen could live here. Mrs K AShton

I like my room and LOVE!! the cooking. I also like it that my visitors can come to see me whenever they like. Mrs G Walker

My time here at the home  has been great right from the off - Mr T Hawkings

All of the above residents wrote their thoughts about living in their care homes, they wanted to 'tell everyone that living in a care home  is not what people say it is and that it is great fun and a good way of living' All gave their permission to put these comments onto this website.


"Across the country there have been incidents of poor quality care at some care homes, I would like to bring to notice the excellent standards of care and kindness that can be sometimes overlooked; my father-in-law stayed at willerfoss House until he passed away, he was treated with utmost care and consideration. His pride and dignity were respected and cared for at all times. My mum has also resided in Willerfoss house for 8 years. As a trail, I recentley pressed the 'red button' (nurse call bell) to see how long it would take staff to come, I got my answer when only 14 seconds later 2 staff members attended! How's that for service?" Article sent to the Holdeness Gazette from GE Lyon - Son

“There is a saying – ‘you don’t have to be ill to get better’! We know the whole team do their very best in caring for everyone residing at Willerfoss House. Eve has never eaten so well, slept so contently nor been so safe and secure. Yes – there will always be things and events that could be reviewed and enhanced. But that is also undertaken professionally by the team, so all is well – and we are grateful.”
Ian and Desna TysonSon and Daughter-in-law

“I am very satisfied with the home, my sister is happy to live here.”
Fred RollinsonBrother

“I am more than satisfied with the care my aunt is receiving and feel she has settled very well. The staff are always very welcoming and pleasant when  I visit – many thanks.”
Doreen BrookNiece

“We are most satisfied with all aspects of management and staff.”
Mr G AtkinsonSon

“We feel that no-one could look after our father any better”
Mrs A Moorhouse Daughter-in-law