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Our Principles Of Care

  • We are committed to ensuring our team of careers are fully trained to ensure the continuity and delivery of second to none care.
  • We are committed to ensuring each person is responded to as an individual in their own right and not as a group and that his/her own unique personality, strengths, needs and perspectives are top priority.
  • We ensure that each individual’s rights are respected and not infringed and that our service users utilise their rights fully.
  • We ensure that service user’s choices are respected at all times and that they are given encouragement and support with their choices.
  • We ensure that services users privacy and dignity is respected at all times and that everyone is treated in a manner which safeguard privacy and dignity and which does not cause or have the potential to cause embarrassment, humiliation or cause personal/emotional discomfort.
  • We ensure that our service users are given access to sufficient and correct information to support them making choices.
  • We ensure that service users continue to maintain their independence, empowering them as individuals to be involved in the day to day activity within the home. Encouraging service users to learn new skills to increase independence, to only assist with the things the individuals find difficult to lesson the likelihood of an individual becoming unnecessarily dependant.
  • We ensure that consideration is shown to all individuals and to demonstrate through actions and attitudes that people are worthy of respect. That opinions, values and achievements are valued.
  • We ensure that the primary care values are met at all times: privacy, dignity, individuality, independence, confidentiality, right, empowerment, choice and fulfilment of client group.

About Our Service

Denestar Limited is a family company who care passionately about families and their elderly. We know first hand what a very emotional and difficult decision it is to look for the appropriate care needs for an elderly loved one. It is for this very reason that we are committed to keeping our expansion plans to a limited, managable number of homes and therefore not grow to an impersonal level.

ACROSS the UK, more than 400,000 older people who need a level of support with daily living that can’t be provided in their own home live in residential care homes and as the aging population grows so does this number of elderly people requiring support. Choosing the right care home for your needs – or the needs of a relative – takes time and careful consideration. But a Denestar care home makes the choice easier by giving residents the best of both worlds – the ability to maintain independence by making their own choices about daily routines, coupled with high-quality, tailored care to meet their individual support needs.  Trees Residential Care Home manager says the focus at the home is on supporting residents to live their lives they way they want to. She explains: “For the people who live here, Trees isn’t just ‘a home’. It’s their home and we want it to feel that way.” Residents are encouraged to choose their own decor and soft furnishings in their rooms, and to bring their own furniture and ornaments when they move into the home.

The focus on choice extends to residents’ daily routines too. Older people who remain in their own homes choose when and what they want to eat, and we don’t think there’s any reason that moving into a residential care home should change this. The same applies to how residents spend their time – we encourage residents to maintain the interests and hobbies they enjoy, and we support them by planning and organising activities, outings and entertainment.

Personalised care from dedicated staff is a very important aspect of the delivery of our service. Every resident has a personalised care plan based on their specific needs and preferences, and plans are continually monitored and updated as needs change. But because a care plan is only as good as the person who’s providing the care, we invest heavily in the people we employ to ensure they are the very best. When it comes down to it, the quality of care on offer in residential homes really depends on the skills, experience and – most of all – attitude of the staff working there. That’s why all of our carers have not just the right qualifications and approach to care when they join us, but also an ongoing, individual training and development programme, which is constantly monitored for improvements . And staff turnover is low, which is important because it means our residents don’t have to get used to new faces all the time.

While providing 24-hour care means we employ the appropriate amount of carers in each home, each resident can choose their own personal care assistant, or key worker, so that they receive one-to-one support from a familiar face.

Tasty and nutritious meals is another important factor to us, our kitchen staff at each home understands that good, fresh, wholesome food has an important part to play in improving not just health but quality of life and wellbeing too, especially for older people. “It’s a popular myth that older people lose interest in their food,” says Marilyn (manager at Trees). “In fact, we find the opposite – our residents really enjoy their meals, and that’s probably because we go to great lengths to make sure there’s plenty of choice and that everything on offer is prepared on the premises by our in-house cooks and very tasty!” Menus are changed regularly to reflect the seasons and residents’ choices, and staff work on the basis that anything in the kitchen is available to residents, so even if there’s nothing on the menu that suits, residents desires can be met.


We are inspected regularly by the government regulatory body: Care Quality Commission (visit http://www.cqc.org.uk/ to view reports on each of our homes and find out what the Commission think of our service) 

Throughout this website you will find lots of information to help you decide if one of our homes is suited to you, your family and needs. Here is a little more information about what others think of us:-

Mr & Mrs G Asquith who’s mum has lived in Trees Care Home since 2009 said “The manager has made very positive changes to the home; using medical history and involving families in the care planning has resulted in excellent care. Her professional leadership is reflected right through the staff group and their application of care” We are very happy that mum lives in Trees Residential Care Home” 

'We feel that no-one could look after our father any better' (Mr & Mrs Moorhouse)

'We are most satisfied with all aspects of management and staff' (Mr G Atkinson)

'I am more than satisfied with the care my aunt is receiving and feel she has settled very well. the staff are always very welcoming and pleasant when I visit - Many thanks'. (Mrs D Brook)

'There is a saying - "You don't have to be ill to get better" - we know the whole team do their very best in caring for everyone at Willerfoss House. Our mum has never eaten so well, slept so contentedly nor been so safe and secure. Yes, there will always be things and events that could be reviewed and enhanced, but that is always undertaken professionally by the team, so all is well - and we are very grateful!! (Mr & Mrs Tyson)